Wheelchair Transport NJ

Doctor's Transfer services has a large fleet of full sized vans with hydraulic lifts/ramps, which can easily load any type of wheelchair, with plenty of room for additional passenger seating. Family members may ride with patients at no extra charge. Our wheelchair transportation vehicles are ADA compliant and are spotless inside and out. Regular vehicle maintenance is strictly enforced.

Our drivers are trained for the safety and wellbeing of our patients, this includes CPR and first aid training as well as sensitivity training for wheelchair bound patients. All drivers use our on board GPS navigation devices and communicate with the transportation office during all trips to ensure a prompt and safe trip.

Schedule a wheelchair transportation trip on the same day of an appointment or days in advance for your convenience. 

Click on the link below to schedule a wheelchair transportation trip and please be specific with details of all your needs so that we may serve you with the proper equipment.

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